Why Hatchfund is the Best Option for Your Project

Why Hatchfund is the Best Option for Your Project

by August 4, 2015

Why Hatchfund is the Best Option for Your Next Project

Hatchfund is a community where artists can connect with donors who can help fund their projects. Our platform works similarly to other crowdfunding sites, but Hatchfund is especially tailored to the needs of artists and also has a number of special benefits not found on other sites. So why is Hatchfund the best option for your next project?

Free for Artists


Unlike other crowdfunding sites, Hatchfund is 100% free for artists to post their projects. We do not take any percentage or fee from you or from your overall funding, and we are able to make this promise by asking donors to pay a small donation to the site to cover our costs. Therefore, everything you make is yours to keep, and you can create realistic goals about how to spend the donations you receive on your project.

Tax Deductible Donations

tax deductions

One way you might be able to convince friends, family members, and anyone else to donate to your Hatchfund campaign is by telling them their donation is completely tax deductible. Because Hatchfund itself is a not-for-profit organization and any donations to your projects are considered support for the arts, all donations made through the site are 100% tax-deductible.

Support for Artists

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We provide support to our artists by giving each and every one of them the one-on-one help they need to successfully build their campaign. Approved artists receive access to a project manager who helps them maximize their project’s potential and create a captivating campaign through story, updates, videos, and donor perks. Your project manager also helps you manage your budget and communicate with potential supporters.

Success Rates

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Our artists have high success rates, when it comes to receiving the full funds for a project. Seventy five percent of the artists who have run campaigns with us have reached their fundraising goal. Because we work closely with our artists to help ensure these rates, we can assure you that your success is important to us as well.

Exclusive Offers


We are the only crowdfunding site to offer Matchfunds. Matchfunds are contributions to an artist’s project that from different individuals, groups, and companies. Each Matchfund is unique and helps both the artists and their supporters, by making sure each dollar goes further. In addition, we also offer educational tools to those who have never attempted to fundraise for a project before––or for those who want to learn better fundraising techniques.

Choose Hatchfund for Your Project


Hatchfund is dedicated specifically to artists, which makes those who choose to work with us feel at home. Through our focused campaign help and exclusive offers, Hatchfund caters to the artists we work with in order to help them achieve their dreams. Start your next project with us today!