When Diversity and Art Collide

When Diversity and Art Collide

by July 30, 2015

How Art Creates Diversity and Diversity Creates Art

The concepts of diversity and art are deeply entwined in America, as they always have been. Hatchfund is known for serving the creative community in America by embracing the diverse needs of artists across the country.

Diversity Creating Art

Many artists use their specific cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences to help them create their art. An artist’s experiences help to define him or her and often allow for the creation of something that is completely new to his or her neighbors. An artist is able to share a unique experience that is unknown to an individual who grew up in a completely different environment through a particular work. In this way, those individuals with unique viewpoints and circumstances will continue to create projects that not only highlight their distinctive outlooks but also broadcast them.


Banksy bringing social awareness through street art

Different Socio-economic conditions have been some of the greatest catalysts for change and the creation of new art. We see examples of this in the creation of Art Nouveau in france, the birth of Abstract Expressionism during WWII, The emergence of art and culture during the Harlem Renaissance, The rise of graffiti and street art during the 80’s and 90’s, and so on… The creation of art during times of change or strife has sparked discussions between opposing sides at time, it has also given third parties somewhat of an inside perspective on the subject at hand.


Jackson-Pollock,-Autumn--01Abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock during WWII


Because every individual artist has his or her own human experience, it allows each project to be different from those which have come before. This is one reason why writers sometimes choose to rewrite someone else’s story or why dancers will recreate the same movements as those who have come before. As artists, we hunger for the ability to perform or create something our way, even if it has been done before; and in doing so, we are able to produce something new each time through our own, specific viewpoint.

Art Creating Diversity

Our world is diverse, but much of our ability to understand that diversity comes from the creation and the viewing of art. Many individuals do not have access to or any understanding of cultures different from their own without the art they choose to view. In addition, artistic projects often present these concepts in an exciting and engaging way, which helps spread diverse ideas much more effectively than a simple explanation would.

fang head

Reliquary head of the Fang Peoples

In many ways the point of art is to make you feel something that cannot be explained. Art creates a new and diverse avenues for inspiration. As Friedrich Nietzche put it, “without music, life would be a mistake.” Inspiration comes from art like it comes from diversity.  Art creates diversity like diversity creates art.

Every project and every work of art has the ability to affect people differently and may possibly cause new or exciting developments in an individual’s life. So many people have been inspired by a dance, a song, or a film which caused them to make an important change in their lives. Art should be acknowledged for its powerful ability to touch and shape human lives on an individual and a conceptual level. Through our various Hatchfund campaigns, we are constantly creating a stream of new, improved ideas and presenting them to the world which, inevitably, leads to change and diversification in those who consume these works.

A Deep Connection

Art and diversity have a deep connection, and as long as one exists, the other will as well. At Hatchfund, we invite you to tell your own, personal story and to view those of others, in order help extend and be inspired by this rich, varied community of artists. See the connection between art and diversity for yourself by visiting www.hatchfund.org