The Interconnection of Art and Technology

The Interconnection of Art and Technology

by August 6, 2015

The interconnection of Art and Technology

Art and technology are intrinsically related. At Hatchfund, we believe artists can use technology to reach out to individuals who will be interested in their projects and be anxious to lend their support. These concepts relate to one another every day, in a number of fascinating ways.

Changing Visions

Art and technology affect how people see the world.

Technological advances are opening up a broader worldview, while art has always done the same but in a more psychological fashion. Artistic endeavors are able to change a person’s perspective, help someone discover a new culture, or allow an individual to see him or herself with new eyes. In addition, the leaps and bounds technology has made broaden communication, education, and information; mirrors the advances made by art.


Nanyang Technological University

Technology Affects Art

According to, “Technology is redefining art in strange, new ways.”

More people have access to seeing and supporting the projects of artists, and projects that were once all but impossible are now in motion due to technological advances in the creative and communicative fields. Moreover, the ways in which personal tech has become rapidly available to the masses makes it easier for many individuals to fulfill their dreams of becoming artists. Now, an individual can take professional pictures on an iPhone or shoot a movie on a handheld camera, a concept that was alien even a decade ago.


Irrational Geometrics digital art installation 2008 by Pascal Dombis

Art Affects Technology

Art is often the lens through which we see the world, and this also affects how we view technology.

While some advances are met with excitement, others cause unease. We can thank the stories we’ve told ourselves that reflect a dangerous world in which technology runs amok. Scientific advances are not always beneficial, and we understand this as the result of science fiction and dystopian tales. Art explores this unease and helps people work through these fears, while capitalizing on them in other creative ways. It is also used to advertise the benefits of these advancements, causing these concepts to become even more entwined.


3D Origami Three Goose by designermetin on DeviantArt

The Link between Technology and Art

There will always be a strong connection between these two concepts, as well as a need for both in a functioning society. As they continue to touch one another, each concept helps the other expand while also influencing great changes on how the opposite is viewed. Through Hatchfund, we can help you utilize the fusion of tech and art Рto market, fund, and produce your next project.  Find out more by visiting today.

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