Meet Program Officer Dillon Nicholson

Meet Program Officer Dillon Nicholson

by March 13, 2015

Hi I am Dillon! I joined Hatchfund in 2015 as a Program Officer to help artists fund their dreams. In 2014, I worked on a crowdfunding campaign for a debut rock album. I became enthralled with the accessibility that crowdfunding provides, especially for aspiring artists.  dillon

Previously, I worked as a Skateboard Instructor and Elementary School Assembly Speaker. I then received an opportunity to Intern for Element Skateboards, a subsidiary of Billabong International. As an Intern, I learned about product production, online strategy and event management.

I was hired on as Executive Assistant to Johnny Schillereff, President and CEO of Element Skateboards. During my time as Executive Assistant, I wore many hats. After graduating from California State University Long Beach I became an entrepreneur.

The versatility of my time at Element Skateboards inspired me to co-found Sickboat Creative Agency; an integrated collective of writers, directors and graphic artists.  In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, playing piano and learning new things.

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