How To Use Influential Bloggers To Help Raise Funds For Your Project

How To Use Influential Bloggers To Help Raise Funds For Your Project

by April 7, 2015

Do you want to use the power of influential bloggers to help raise funds for your project? If so, you’ll want to identify any current relationships with other bloggers and with people who can introduce you to other bloggers because the most valuable blog posts are the result of these kinds of relationships.


Reaching Out to Influential Bloggers

Check your Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts to see if you are already connected to any relevant bloggers there. Log into your Facebook account (or create one if you don’t yet have one) and search for bloggers on your list. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can have a virtual assistant do it for you. Then, do the same thing on LinkedIn.

Since you will get 80% of your press from 20% of the stories, you’ll want to look at those bloggers who are MOST relevant (whose readers will love your project, or in the case of an artist, his or her story or past work), how much traffic the site gets, and how far their reach extends. You want to make sure they are driving tons of traffic to your project, not just you driving traffic back to them.

Expanding Your Network of Influential Bloggers

If you don’t have any, or you want to expand your list, you may look for additional influential bloggers by doing a Google search. Enter your topic and the word “bloggers.” For instance “dance bloggers” is a good keyword phrase to use. This will bring up a list of relevant dance blogs and authors.

Next, use a page-rank tool like PageRank Checker ( to see the influence of each blog. Blogs that rank 5 or higher are best. If you already have a relationships with any of the bloggers that you discovered were on your list or were the most influential, great! You should contact them and make sure you do it the right way!

First, read the blog, so you are very clear about his or her area of interest and to make sure it’s a good fit for your artist or project. Customize your pitch and let each blogger know exactly what you are requesting. Be sure to address it to that person directly, not “Dear Blogger.” Influential bloggers get approached all of the time and are not going to waste time if you don’t do your homework and make the effort to make it personal.

And finally, don’t expect something for nothing. Ask the blogger how he or she would like to be compensated for promoting your product. It doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary compensation, but it has to be something that is of value to the blogger. Note: many have media kits that can provide you with this information in advance.

If you don’t know any influential bloggers, or you don’t have any connections that do, it’s time to start building those relationships! Once you know who the influential bloggers are, sign up for their newsletters and blogs, follow them in social media, and get noticed by commenting on and sharing posts, and retweeting their tweets.

Over time, they will start to recognize and appreciate you and will be more open to working with you. What you want is long-term relationships with bloggers who will champion your  projects. Take the time to build it and the rewards will be well worth the effort!