How to expand your network of donors

How to expand your network of donors

by April 20, 2015

When working with donors, it is unfortunate that you probably lose some every year. You count on this income for your fundraising and that is why it is important to expand your network of donors year round. In order to have a successful campaign, obtaining donors is necessary. There are steps you can take to ensure the campaign’s success.


Social media

The campaign needs to help make prospective donors feel connected. Some places that can help make this happen are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The content that you share needs to be compelling so that potential donors will act upon what they see. One way to tell if the content is working is whether or not people shared, retweeted, commented, or re-pinned your original post. You will want to post both videos and pictures, so they can see the art that Hatchfund helps raise money for. Share pictures, quotes and inspirational stories to showcase the impact a donation will have on a particular project. Content that has humor is also a way to reach more people. Humor helps people feel good, and humorous posts are more often shared through social media than other posts. Remember to post regularly on these platforms. 

Keep your network up-to-date

Now that you have formed a relationship with the people that have been following you on social media, you will want to share information about your campaign. Have conversations about the campaign, and what it will accomplish. Explain how it is helpful to the community, so they know that their funds would be put to good use. Share your links to your website. Keep your donors up to date at all times about the campaign, this way they will see how much is being done with the money that they donated. 

Website optimization

More website traffic equals more potential donors. When a website is optimized, the content is easier to find by your target audience. People will not stay on a website if they do not see what they want right off. With the website being optimized, this will make it easy to use and also easy to find. When using a search engine, keywords help to pull your website up first when they are searched. Great headers, URLs, and titles will make your website easier to find and easier for the donor to find relevant information. There are several ‘SEO’ tutorials on the Internet that you can follow, or there are professionals that do website optimization on a daily basis who you can hire for your organization. Be sure to check reviews on the tutorials you wish to follow or businesses that you want to hire. This will help you choose one that works, and can provide the effective marketing you need to gain donors from every part of the world to support your organization and cause.

In conclusion

With using social media to expand your network of donors, you will be able to build up the funds needed to help your organization stay alive. Years ago, promotions were limited to a narrow window, but now there is a window into millions of potential donor’ s computers. 

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