How to Build Incentives During Your Campaign

How to Build Incentives During Your Campaign

by August 16, 2015

How to Build Incentives during Your Campaign


One of the best ways to attract potential donors is through incentives or project perks. These are often decided before the campaign begins, and a person must donate a specific amount in order to receive a specific perk. However, you can also build incentives during your campaign in many ways; this can motivate more individuals to donate or those who already have to donate again!

Consistent Updates

Updating your supporters on the project is key to building incentives. You want your donors to know that you are just as excited about the project—and their donation to it—as they are. An update in itself is an incentive to donate, as new information can always bring more traffic to your page.

With these updates, you can include

  • Pictures of you and others working on the project
  • Sneak peeks or teasers
  • Video updates or thank you videos

These are ways to get people excited about donating to your project without spending a dime!



Another great incentive you can create during your campaign is to raffle off an item connected to your project. You will want to set the terms for the raffle in an update, including the cutoff time for donations, how much supporters need to donate to be included in the raffle, and when you will announce the winner. This kind of incentive may cause a supporter to donate to your project more than once.

After you have conducted the raffle, make sure to announce the winner on time and to work on getting the individual his or her prize. Raffles can be very exciting for supporters, and those who participate in them should be acknowledged. You can conduct more than one raffle over the course of your campaign.

Incentives for Your Stretch Goal


Most artists choose to list a stretch goal in their project description, in case they meet their initial goal and are able to go beyond it. During your campaign, if you believe this might occur, update your supporters and explain what you plan to do to if you reach your stretch goal. You can offer an incentive to everyone who donates past the initial goal. When your campaign gets down to the wire, it’s possible that many individuals will be more likely to contribute if there is a special incentive just for that final push of donations.

Increasing Incentives; Increasing Donations


The more incentives you offer, the more likely you are to receive the support for which you are hoping. Adding additional incentives during your campaign will show that you are passionate about your project, as well as thankful to everyone who donates.