How to Approach Local Press

How to Approach Local Press

by August 12, 2015

How to Approach Local Press


Though it can be intimidating, getting individuals from your local press involved can be beneficial to your project and your overall campaign. It can bring you more traffic, more potential donors, and more help when the campaign has finished. Learning how to approach local press can give your project a boost to successfully achieve its funding goal.

Write a Press Release


It is important to have your own press release in case anyone asks for it. Make sure it is concise and hits the important points about your project, including where potential supporters can donate. Also, describe your project in a way that seems newsworthy, so those you connect with will be able to see that it’s worth telling people about.

Choose the Right Outlets


Whether you’re going to approach a website, a local newspaper, or another media outlet, make sure you choose the right one. If your project is based in the fine arts, many major cities have magazines dedicated to the projects of local artists, and newspapers will often have an arts and leisure section that may have a space for you. If your campaign is for a video game or something more technologically founded, you may decide to approach a local website or blog. Consider your target audience and try to find the press outlet these individuals would be most likely to read or visit.

Reach Out

a hand reaching out to meet its own shadow in blue light

Reaching out via phone or email is perfectly acceptable. Learn the name of the individual who handles pitches and contact him or her directly, if possible.

  • Be concise and clear.
  • Treat your interaction—whether online or over the phone—as a business transaction.
  • Be ready to provide necessary information like a press release, your Hatchfund URL, etc.
  • Be sure to explain why your project is relevant to their readers specifically.
  • After two weeks, follow-up with the individual if you haven’t heard anything back. One follow-up is sufficient.

You can also meet and reach out to local journalists by attending business events and remaining active in your community. Often, reporters visit local events in order to find an interesting story, and you can discuss your project before offering to send more information.

Offer Work Related to Your Project

Once you’ve established a connection, you can offer to write an article, blog post, or brief description of your project for their publication or website. In many cases, media outlets are looking for extra material, and this could help you spread awareness about your project in your own words.

PR for Your Project


Generating PR for your project is incredibly important, and doing so within your neighborhood is the best way to start. People who already know you may see the information and decide to donate, while others will be more likely to consider donating because your project is local. Approaching the local press about your idea can give your project a boost!