How to Craft a Great Perk List For Crowdfunding

How to Craft a Great Perk List For Crowdfunding

by April 15, 2015

Gathering funds for a project can be time consuming and difficult. Crowdfunding is one of the best online ways to raise money for your project. However, attracting attention to your crowdfunding page is not necessarily simple. Offering perks will encourage online donations.Perks

Perk-based crowdfunding has turned into one of the most vital ways for artists, filmmakers, writers and entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects and other creative ideas. The purpose behind the perk list is to give away gifts or “perks” to those who donate a predetermined amount of money. This is one way for people to receive something for their donation, while also getting at tax deduction.

You want to show your donors that you appreciate their hard-earned cash. Offering perks in return for donations is a great way to share your artistic vision and show how serious and authentic you are. Now, with the importance of perk-based crowdfunding clearly explained, the first step is crafting a perks list. You are going to want the very best perks list you can possibly create.

Creating a well-organized perk list is crucial. When artists create a perk list, the best perk might be small and inexpensive and/or include samples of the artists’ work. At the end of your list should be the greatest perk you have to offer. If you are an unknown artist of any kind, this may not be the most suitable method for attracting attention, so be as creative as possible.

In the event of being an “unknown,” getting the word out about your project is greatly increased whenever you mention tangibility. People will always be more inclined to spend or donate when there is a good chance of receiving a tangible gift. It’s important to remember, all donations on Hatchfund are tax deductible, which is an awesome perk in and of itself.

Tax deductibility is a huge perk for people who donate. While donating may bring its own sense of satisfaction, some simply cannot afford the associated costs. Many of those who simply can’t afford to donate much monetarily will feel a lot better about any amount given if they know they will get some of their donation back when tax time rolls around.

Make sure you know your target audience intimately, and offer any perks you possibly can that will be likely to get the attention of your campaigns’ viewers. These perks should be related in some way to your project and they will be listed from small to large. These perks should also be related to your project in order to provoke greater interest in what you are offering. People are much more inclined to donate to something they feel is worthwhile.

A well crafted perk list will have at least four perks. You’ll want to provide a range that is adequate to your target audience’s potential donations. A good number to start on is $25 dollars and the sky is the limit from there. However, as the donation level increases, it’s a good idea to decrease the perk availability because this will increase the perk’s exclusivity.  For the highest level perk, make only 1 or 2 available.

The more the audience wants to see your project completed, the more urgently they will donate. Place a high importance on anything you want noticed and make your audience drool for it. If you are serious about raising money for your project, then start organizing a quality perk list for your audience. People aren’t as likely to jump on board if you have nothing to offer in exchange. Instead, show off the benefits your campaign offers to donors for their support.

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