Meet the Staff

Meet Program Officer Dillon Nicholson

Hi I am Dillon! I joined Hatchfund in 2015 as a Program Officer to help artists fund their dreams. In 2014, I worked on a crowdfunding campaign for a debut rock album. I became enthralled with the accessibility that crowdfunding provides,

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Meet Program Officer Stephany Campos

Hello! I am Stephany and I help artists receive funding for their artwork via educational resources, one on one support, and various fundraising strategies. Needless to say, I am an art enthusiast and love being continuously blown away by the creativity and

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Meet Program Officer Erin Cooper

I am a fundraising educator, part-time therapist, humor enthusiast, and most of all, an artist advocate. Here are some of my favorite all-time Hatchfund campaigns: Possession by Susan-Jane Harrison Politics of Snow by Diane Burko Survivors & Beauty Rebels 4

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